Keio Prelia Hotel Sapporo is taking measures necessary to prevent the spread of the COVID-19.

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, Keio Prelia Hotel Sapporo is taking the following actions in consideration of the health and safety of our guests and employees and to prevent the spread of the COVID-19.

□Sanitize guest rooms

・We sanitize door knobs and remote controllers, furniture of guest rooms, and other facilities using alcohol that are frequently touched at regular intervals.

・We have two sanitized wet tissues in the room per person per night.

・Rental items are disinfected for each customer use

□Prevention the spread of the COVID-19 at pablic areas.

・Splash-proof acrylic partitions are installed at the reception.

・Staff regularly disinfects public areas (elevator buttons, toilet door knobs, furniture, front desk peripherals.).

・We regularly ventilate the building by opening and closing the doors.

・We limit the number of users in public areas such as breakfast halls and public baths by reducing the number of seats and changing the layout.

□Change of breakfast style

・You can check the congestion status of the breakfast venue in real time from your room via TV.

□Prevention the spread of the COVID-19 by employees.

・We wash hands, gargle, and sterilize fingers.

・Before starting work, we do health check such as temperature measurement and physical condition check.

・We have staff wear a mask during work.

□Request for cooperation by guests

・Disinfectants are installed in various places in the lobby and restaurants, so please use hand disinfection when entering or using the facility.

・We would appreciate your cooperation in maintaining a sufficient social distance between customers in the lobby and restaurants.

・Please wear a mask as possible in the public area.

・At the time of check-in, we ask for your cooperation in the survey of travel history and physical condition confirmation questionnaire for the last two weeks.

・Guests who do not pay at check-out could use the automatic check-out machine.



Contact Tel: +81-11-205-8111

Contact Tel: +81-11-205-8111