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Keio Prelia Hotel Sapporo Privacy Policy

Keio Prelia Hotel Sapporo Co., Ltd. ( “we”, or “us”), as a member of the Keio Group aiming to become “the Top Brand in Trust”, considers the protection of personal information an important social responsibility. We carry out appropriate procedures when we handle personal information by placing our relationship of trust with our customers first and foremost. We have therefore set out our privacy policy (“Policy”) as stated hereinafter for protecting personal information. In accordance with this policy, our executives and employees endeavor to handle personal information properly.

1. Collection, use and provision of Personal Information

  • When we collect personal information from customers, we shall clarify the purpose of its use and use the information within the scope indicated below. For any use of the information beyond the indicated scope, or when the acquired personal information is provided outside Keio Prelia Hotel, we will do so only after obtaining the consent of the customer, with the exception of statutory exceptions.
    • Registration of customer information according to laws and regulations
    • Sending our newsletters, information about various preferential treatments, product plans and events.
    • Statistical information on usage trends, development of new products and customer satisfaction surveys, to the extent that individuals are not specified.
    • For persons who provided opinions on questionnaires, etc., to contact them by letter, telephone or e-mail.
    • To provide other general services.
  • Before sharing a guest's personal information, we will first disclose the type(s) of data to be provided, the scope and purpose of use and the company responsible for its management.
  • Requests for the amendment, deletion or disclosure of personal information collected on a guest will be processed after confirming the personal information belongs to the person making said request.

2. Safety Measures Concerning Personal Information

  • We assign managers in charge for handling personal information, and limit the number of employees who handle personal information to the requisite minimum. We also take necessary and proper measures for the prevention of leakage, loss, or damage, and for other control of security of the personal information.
  • When we entrust a business operator with the handling of personal information, we select a trustee with an appropriate level for protection of personal information, and conclude an entrustment contract that specifies security control measures.

3. Others

  • Based on applicable laws, we have established internal regulations on the protection and handling of personal information and review these regulations continuously in order to make improvements.
  • Regarding the handling of personal information, we comply with the related laws and regulations.

4. Auditing

We conduct periodical audits on the implementation of this Policy and improve our procedures.

5. Our Website

Our website pays the utmost attention to handling and protection of personal information in accordance with this Policy so that all users may use the website comfortably and safely. However, we are not responsible for the security of users’ personal information on third-party websites linked to our website.

We encourage customers to check the privacy policies of websites that you visit before submitting personal information.

6. Privacy Policy Revisions

Important revisions to this Policy will be announced on our website. We may revise this Policy without notice, however, so please confirm the latest version on our website. Please note that we shall bear no responsibility for any trouble caused by failure to confirm the Policy in advance.

7.Inquiries on Our Privacy Policy

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Contact Tel: +81-11-205-8111